How to make saucy fish with egg fried rice

How to make saucy fish with egg fried rice

Found cod fillet on promotion so bought it and decided to try something new today :) it is skinless and boneless, and was on half price!

Cut it into pieces. Not too small so you can taste the chunky texture. I cut it with kitchen scissors. Sprinkle with salt and pepper for marination

Sprinkle on some corn flour to coat

Rub gently with hands

Cut some garlic

To fry fish, heat pan with oil

On medium high heat

Arrange fillets when oil is hot

Let them cook. Only flip when you are convinced one side is cooked. You know it's cooked when the colour turns from transparent to white.

Put the pan in the grill to keep warm. I put the grill on 5 because i'm leaving the 'grill cover' opened. Do make sure it does not burn the food or the pan handle and most important yourself!

I'm making fish to go with egg fried rice

Learned from snapguider JasmineFoo, i cracked an egg on the rice. Mix the egg with the rice with a spoon. Keep aside.

Using another pan heat with oil

Brown garlic

When garlic is fragrant, put the rice in egg mixture into the pan. Add on salt, pepper and chili. Mix and fry until the egg is cooked. I prefer frying rice in high heat

Keep mixing in high heat until egg mixture is cooked and dried up then reduce heat and keep frying until the rice reaches consistency that you like. I like dry as eating with gravy.

The gravy and flavour is completely optional and depends on your liking. I'm mixing both of them - szechuan tomato and black bean sauce . Be creative ;)

Two spoonful of each gravy onto the fillet pan back on stove. I did remove some of the fried garlic into the fish pan before making egg fried rice

Add two spoonful of water

Mix them gently without breaking the fish and let them simmer. You know it's done when gravy thickens! Feel free to add more seasoning like salt.


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