How to create an "old master" mixed media drawing

How to create an


Create a colored pencil drawing with at least 10 layers of wax from the pencils.

Take some India ink and pour/dip onto a cotton ball or gauze.

Coat the BACK of the drawing.

It should look like this.

Here's the hard part now take your gauze dipped in India ink and gently rub over the entire drawing. You will completely coat your drawing so that is no longer visible.

It should look like this.

Once you have coated the drawing, take a clean rag and rub off the ink.

Adding a little metallic bronze.

And some white with the artstix.

And a couple of shades of red for brightening up the piece.

Finally, after lots of little fixes and rubbings, it's finished. Enjoy!

Watch the video: Easy way to add watercolor washes to sketchbook drawings (January 2022).