How to cook 2 simple mexican dishes

How to cook 2 simple mexican dishes

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You will need to slice your veggies into small squares •onions•tomatoes•Serrano peppers

Like this :)

You could make either one with egg or sausages :) I'll be showing you both

I'm going to start with the sausages slices them like this into circular form

Then place two pans with 1 tbsp of oil, the fire on medium •one for your egg and the other for the sausage

Place your sausage on the pan once it's hot enough to cook your sausages

On the other crack your eggs like if you were making scramble eggs

Also place your veggies and mix them with the egg and let it cook

Meanwhile your sausages should look like this :) •cooked but not burned

Going back to the egg add about 2 teaspoon of salt and mix it * when your egg is cooked you are done with this dish ENJOY ..moving on...

Now for your sausage blend some tomatoes and let it sit for 2-3minuets

Meanwhile add your veggies to your sausage && mix them around

Then you are going to pour your tomatoes sauces to your pan

Place it's top on for it to cook faster

Within 10-15 mins you are done !!!:) && Enjoy !!DON'T FORGET YOUR TORTILLAS !!!

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