How to cook easy shrimp and crab pasta

How to cook easy shrimp and crab pasta

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First clean and wash your shrimp. Afterwards generously use these spices.

I made a foil packet and really rubbed the spices in. Then I popped it back in the fridge while I got everything else ready.

To boiling salted water add about half a bag of spaghetti and cook for 6 minutes or until cooked al dente. You can start to sauté the seafood while the pasta is cooking.

Add olive oil and butter to a pan and get it ready to sauté the shrimp and crab.

This is the brand I used, it's pre cooked but I added it to mix the flavors of the shrimp together.

Add the shrimp and cook until its pink.

I added 2 more pats of butter.

Add the spaghetti to the pan so it can absorb the flavors of the shrimp and crab.

This is the sauce I used. It's cheesy and a little sweet. But I think a vodka sauce would work well with this dish.

Add the whole jar to the pan and mix. I had turned the heat off once I added the pasta.

All mixed together, almost ready to eat.

Bon appetit!!

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