How to summertime nautical nails

How to summertime nautical nails

Paint your middle finger blue, your pinky red, and the rest white :)

Get your striper tape. These are now found at Walmart! In the fingerz setup in your beauty isle.

Add a piece of striping tape diagonally across your nail.

Paint half your nail blue.

Same step with your ring finger, but paint it red.

Take a striper or paintbrush, and create small blue stripes across the white section of your nail.

Remove tape

Fill in the white stripe that is left over from removing your striping tape, with blue polish.

Same with the red

Now for the anchor make a blue line on your thumb

Create a curved line at the bottom.

Make a small horizontal line in the middle

You can add a dot at the top, and small lines at the ends

Take glitter and add it to the tips of your red and blue nails :)

Add your topcoat, and you're done! Happy painting <3

Watch the video: Wavy Striped Nail Art (January 2022).