How to combat jet lag

How to combat jet lag

The most important piece to combat jet lag is to give yourself a gap day between landing and work/school/chores/etc. Rest, read a book, and include the following steps.

I use this quick 7 minute workout app to get mild exercise in. Do a few rounds of this on your rest day.

Get your fruits ready for the smoothie. You can prepare this at breakfast time or lunch. I usually make during breakfast and drink throughout the day.

Have your fiber rich breakfast. This is important to help regulate your body functions. Oprah said it best, your body misses your home toilet. Need to reset yourself upon coming home.

Solids in first- liquids over the top. Give a few pulses before blending, and let it rip along until creamed.

Delish! I add peanut butter to every smoothie, it adds protein and is gluten free.

Drink a cup every so often.

Stay away from carbs! This doesn't mean eliminate them, but a big plate of noodles will definitely make you tired. Keep light and fresh.

Relax a bit. Kick back. The trick to international travel like a pro, without burning out, is the recovery.

Last but not least- try to stay awake to your normal hours. It may be tough, but give it a go. Don't drink alcohol if possible, and go easy on the coffee. Cheers, and welcome home!

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