How to make an exfoliating sugar scrub

How to make an exfoliating sugar scrub

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Gather supplies:)

Add 2 cups of sugar to your mixing bowl

Add half a cup of olive oil


Put in half a cup of your essential oil or shower gel, and stir. (this will determine the smell of the scrub, keep this in mind when picking an oil/ shower gel)

If yours looks a little soupy like mine, add more sugar. Play around with the texture until you find the consistency you like.

Once you think your done with your scrub, check its texture. It should be slightly gritty.

Now take your fancy jar and begin adding the scrub!

Woohoo!!! My filled jar!!!

You can just leave your jar like this and your finished or.........

✨Decorate it!!!✨

I took a doily and placed it on the lid of my jar, then tied a ribbon around it. You can pretty much use whatever you have when making these look pretty, so have fun with it:)

Mine looked like this when I was done!

Hope this helped you! Be sure to check out my other guides for more DIY gifts, thanks:)

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