How to cook sicilian chicken salad

How to cook sicilian chicken salad

Here I have 3 chicken breasts I cooked in my convention/toaster oven. I just cooked them in oil, black pepper, salt. You may use leftover rotisserie chicken or any cooked chicken meat.

Simply cube up your chicken.. This ended up being 2 cups after I cut 3 chicken breasts.

Wash your celery and chop it up! Here I might add, if you have a small Granny Smith or any not so sweet apple, chop that up and you may add to your salad as well. This is optional.

Like this is fine, you may cut it smaller if you like.

Toss celery and chicken into a bowl. I added 1/3 cup mayo and 1/3 cup sour cream. You can do all mayo, but I substitute sour cream to make it a bit lighter.

Eww! Bugs?! No no, Snapguide users, these are dried currants. Very similar to raisins. You can use raisins or dried cranberries would be nice too. Just a palmful of these.

A palmful of pine nuts.. For more flavor you can toast these guys in a pan. But be very careful, they burn very easily. Lightly toast them to brown a bit. Don't worry if some burn a little bit.

Just a couple tablespoons of nice Italian parsley .. Chopped up.

Throw everything into the bowl. Add a little squeeze of lemon juice, black pepper and salt. Mix all together!

As a serving suggestion, you can fill up a lettuce leaf with the salad and treat yourself to a delicious and quick lunch! I hope you enjoy it!

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