How to make beach waves hair spray

How to make beach waves hair spray


Pour the sea salt into your bottle, stop until the bottom of your bottle is covered. I used around 4tbsp of sea salt. Then add 5tbsp of conditioner, hair gel (put whatever amount you think is suitable

If you want to add aloe vera gel or your perfume, this is the time to do so. I used around 3tsp of the gel and 2tbsp of my hollister spray.

Add lukewarm water until the bottle is almost full. Put the cap on and shake all of the contents together. If you don't think you put enough salt, add more to the mixture while the water is still warm

Spray on damp hair and scrunch your hair. This is what happened to my hair after using the spray.

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Watch the video: effortless beach waves hair tutorial. short hair (January 2022).