How to season a new bbq grill

How to season a new bbq grill

Gather your materials. Before you cook on your grill the first time, I would recommend wrapping the drip tray and tin with tin foil. It keeps the grill nicer for longer.

Put oil on a cloth. I used a paper cloth, but a real one is better since it won't leave particles behind.

Wipe the olive oil over the entire grill.

Turn all the burners on high.

Use the bristle side of the grill cleaner first on the entire grill.

Now use the scrubber on the entire grill.

When you are done, add a slice of bacon to the grill.

Rub the bacon over the entire cooking surface of the grill.

Yum. It's getting the grill nice and seasoned.

Throw on the rest of the bacon. Let the bacon cook until desired doneness. I always make mine crispy, so I cooked for about 4 mins on each side.

Take the bacon off the grill and rub the onion over the cooking surface of the grill. .

More seasoning. You can either grill the onion or take it off. It's your choice. It was rather delicious after grilled though.

Now our grill is nice and messy. Time to finish cleaning!

Using the BBQ cleaner, use the bristle side to get off the food particles. After you are finished, use the soft side.

Ta-da. Now the grill is nice and seasoned. Make sure to dump out the drip tray and you are all finished!

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