How to cook a blueberry pie

How to cook a blueberry pie

Heat oven to 425. Clean berries thoroughly, picking out stems, leaves, etc.

Dry berries, continuing to pick out debris

Put berries in a large mixing bowl. Drizzle lemon juice over clean, dry berries.

Put sugar, flour & cinnamon in a separate bowl. A word about the odd sugar measurement...I just "eyeballed" the amount to slightly less than a cup.

Mix dry ingredients with a fork.

Dump dry ingredients into the berry/lemon juice bowl.

Mix until berries are evenly "frosted" with sugar/flour/cinnamon mixture. Set aside.

Confession: I use per-made pie crusts. Follow preparation instructions on the box. a pie? Yes. Cut butter into small pieces. Pour 1/2 berry mixture into a prepared pie crust. Dot with butter. Repeat this process with the remainder berries and butter.

Make a fancy lattice top with second pie crust.

Pinch top & bottom crust together, folding over the edges. Crimp edges closed and cut vent slits in the top (6-8).

Put the pie in the oven... 425 for 15 minutes then... 350 for 35-40 minutes (watch the color of the crust) While the pie is baking enjoy a beverage. I suggest, a nice wheat beer with a few berries.

Watch the pie closely. As you can see, my berries boiled over, Making a MESS in the oven. Cool pie for an hour +. Enjoy!

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