How to make light spring/summer pasta (salad)

How to make light spring/summer pasta (salad)


Place arugula in large salad bowl

Break up pearls of mozzarella and add to arugula

Set aside

Peel garlic (though I prefer my smashing method, my husband prefers his garlic chopped)

Begin by slicing garlic thin

Then pass over again and chop it up

Add oil to pan

Halve tomatoes and set aside

Slice olives in rings

Add garlic to preheated olive oil and sautée lightly

Add tomatoes

Sautée and let soften a bit

Add olives to sauce mixture

Add a bit of tomato paste

Sauce will look like this; feel free to add a third of a vegetable cube as shown in my other guides

After boiling pasta until al dente, add to sauce and mix in

Mix in some parmesan

Pour pasta mixture into salad bowl (you could alternatively pour salad mixture into pan to melt the mozzarella more; it all comes down to preference)

Mix together - your pasta is ready! Serve warm or chill gently and serve outdoors on a hot August day!

La pasta alla checca! Or "la pasta della nonna" as we call it amongst family :)

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