How to draw a realistic mouth with depth!

How to draw a realistic mouth with depth!


Start with a generic lip shape like this!

Add small light wrinkles into the lips... (H pencil)

Start drawing the shape of the philtrum on the upper lip. (H pencil)

Get a small brush for the next part...

Brush/ smooth out the lines on the upper lip like so!

Take your F pencil and make a patch to rub your brush in...

Give the lips some definition with shading!

Take your knead eraser and go back and make more highlights in the lips!

Take your F pencil and redraw the line in-between the two lips... I find that it turns out better if the line is dark and a little bit shaky because lips don't create a perfectly straight line:)

Take your dark sketch stick and make a patch for your brush<3

Use your small brush to shade your lips like this! You will probably have to do a few coats to get the lips nice and dark!

Sharpen your F pencil to a great point...

Redraw the line in-between the lips and start to define the wrinkles...

Get your knead eraser ready...

Use it to make more highlights!

Finish drawing on the small wrinkles:)

Start to shade around the mouth with your H pencil...

Blend out harsh lip lines...

Take your F pencil and make darker areas like this! YOUR FINISHED!

Now you have a nice set of lips;)

Enjoy :(|)

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