How to make a yearly time capsule!

How to make a yearly time capsule!

This is my version of a time capsule of 2013. You can put whatever you'd like in yours, but here are some ideas :)

So this is what my box of things from 2013 looks like. I just put a bunch of random things in it that I received throughout the year that meant something to me.

In the bottom I keep cards, letters, door decks from college, etc.

In this little box I keep movie tickets, souvenirs, and tickets from events I have gone to.

I got this little book to write all of my favorite quotes in. It's nice to page through on a rainy day or when you're feeling down :)

This is my favorite part! On each piece of paper I wrote something fun that I did, along with the date. On New Years Eve I'll read them and recall all the good things that happened during the year.

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