How to make all natural frozen gel cubes for sunburn

How to make all natural frozen gel cubes for sunburn

Aloe vera gel super soothes many skin conditions and frozen, this miracle gel is especially super for cooling sunburned skin or any other minor irritating skin conditions.

I recommend buying the best aloe gel that you can afford. If you buy a plain aloe gel, add a few drops of essential oil such as tea tree or lavender to increase the bioactivity.

Wash and dry your silicone tray. Can anything be more cuter than this duck tray? I said duck, people! Ahem. Anyway, I'm using aloe gel with tea tree and arnica added 'cos they is magical at healing.

Squeeze the gel and get your duck nice and wet. Is that your head in the gutter again? Sheesh. Pop your lubricated duck in the freezer overnight.

Remove your hard duck from the freezer. I mean ducks. Of course. *Innocent face*.

Pop out your frozen ducks and transfer to a freezable storage container or bag. To use, grab one of these from the freezer with a kitchen towel and rub on affected area(s) and leave to soothe.

Spent too long in the sun? Accident in the kitchen? Children play too rough? Mosquito bite? Eczema? Or fancy a cold skin perk face mask? So many uses! Just don't eat them or put in drinks.

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