How to make lactose-free ice cream

How to make lactose-free ice cream

Gather supplies to start the mix

Start with eggs, sugar and 2 cups of refrigerated milk

Whisk until sugar dissolves

And eggs are blended with mixture

Strain mixture

To remove gloppy egg bits

Add extra rich coconut milk to bowl of electric mixer and blend until smooth

Add the smooth milk mixture to egg mixture, add remaining 4 cups coconut milk, vanilla and salt.

Fill ice cream container

Whatever procedure for your machine

Fill halfway with ice and rock salt. Remaining half and top with salt

Run machine

Continue running and pour off water periodically.

Pour off water and refill ice and salt, keep running machine.

When motor stops remove it.

Cover completely with ice and salt to let "RIPEN"

Top off with bag or newspapers for one hour

After one hour remove ice and its ready to serve!

Four quarts of luscious goodness

Lactose free Creamy Coconut Dream ice cream

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