How to make a dragonfly art piece.

How to make a dragonfly art piece.

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Draw 5 circles in a descending order of size on a colored sheet of paper from any magazine/newspaper/brochure etc.

Stack different colored papers behind the first sheet and cut out your circles :))

You will get something like this. I cut of way too many circles :p you don't need to do that.

Find sheets with printed designs which would look good for the wings of your dragonfly. I found these in some old university brochure :))

Cut out the wings. :))

Try arranging the whole thing before sticking it. When you're satisfied with your creation go ahead and glue it :)

Feel free to improvise and add smaller details like flowers or those small dots on the side. I made them using a pink paper and a perforator ;).

Enjoy :)

Watch the video: A Dragonfly Painting Again (July 2022).


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