How to hem jeans & trousers without a sewing machine

How to hem jeans & trousers without a sewing machine

Stitch Witchery can be found in the sewing section at Walmart, or at any craft store like Micheal’s.

I had a pair of jeans that were too long so, I put them on to measure the length for the hem I wanted. Then folded up the hem of the jean & use stick pins on each side to secure them..

Stick pins in hem of jeans on both sides.

Turn iron on and set it to cotton, you do not need to use steam.

Cut 4 strips of Stitch Witchery about 2-3 inches or longer for the hem area.

Place one strip on the inside fold of the jeans in the hem area. One side must be done first, before you repeat this process for each side.

Press and hold the iron for 10-15 seconds over the hem area and then the other area. Do not iron or use steam, be sure to read the instructions on the Stitch Witchery package for more details.

After pressing the hem area wait a few minutes to allow the jeans to cool. Then check to see that the Stitch Witchery has dried and the folded areas are stuck together good.

Repeat the previous steps until you have finished with each side.

NOTE: I didn’t pre-wash my jeans, If you’re worried, wash before hand. The Stitch Witchery feels a bit stiff until washed. After the first wash, it will bend and feel just like the denim.

I hope you enjoyed my step by step Snapguide because I enjoyed making it. Be sure to touch the "" to let me know you would like to see more tutorials in the future. ~ Thanks! CreativeSoulTV

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