How to make tessemae's fiesta spinach breakfast wrap!

How to make tessemae's fiesta spinach breakfast wrap!

Gather your supplies and prepare to make one delicious Spinach breakfast wrap!

First dice hass avocados into small chunks.

Then toss avocados with 1 tbsp of Tessemaes All Natural Cracked Pepper dressing.

Next scramble your two eggs in a small mixing bowl and add just a little bit of water along the way to make them extra fluffy! Whisk for approximately 15 seconds to get a nice frothy top.

Scramble eggs in sauté pan on med heat until you reach your desired consistency.

Next, center your slice of jack cheese in the middle of your spinach wrap.

Now it's time to add your scrambled eggs and chopped avocado you have already prepared. I like to put the avocado in the middle of the eggs but do as you please on this step :)

Now drizzle 1 tbsp of Tessemaes All Natural Wing Sauce on top of your ingredients( I used the medium heat but if you like hotter, go for it!)

When all the ingredients have been added to the wrap securely tighten the spinach wrap using the surface to roll against and finish by tucking both ends in.

Using a new smaller pan also on medium heat, press both sides of the wrap for approximately 30-60 seconds on each side( just enough to brown and make each side lightly crisp).

Now it's time to cut your wrap in half and serve!

Use the remainder of the chopped avocado as a delicious side dish to compliment the wrap!

Since this is something I traditionally eat for breakfast I like to add some fresh fruit( I chose mangos this time) and I use the other tbsp of Tessemaes wing sauce to dip my wrap in! Enjoy!

And lastly if you have the time and space, plant your seed from the avocado into a pot and get a lifetime supply of delicious hass avocados!

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