How to combine & coordinate my jewelry

How to combine & coordinate my jewelry

This step by step tutorial will demonstrate at least 8 different ways in which each element of my collection can enhance your unique style. Continue forward to view samples of my techniques.

Samples of pendants

Sample of S clasps

Sample of U clasp

Samples of novelty fiber necklace

Samples of seed bead necklaces

Samples of metal clasps

Everything you have viewed is handmade, excluding the metal clasps. You can purchase any of these items by contacting me at [email protected]

Twist as many seed bead necklaces as you like. Utilize my S- clasp at the back as a closer or.....

In the front as decoration.

You can attach a pendant to the clasp.

String the pendant through one necklace, then twist all together and close in back with S-clasp

Twist a novelty fiber necklace just the same as with the bead necklace.

Twist fiber with beads and wear alone...or attach pendant with a clasp

Use s-clasp in back with metal in front...using any combo twisted seed bead necklaces

Not long enough? Add more s-clasps in back!!!

Turn that same piece around and wear the clasps up front.

Use s-clasp in back, and u-clasp in front with choice of necklace

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