How to make a pint jar solar light

How to make a pint jar solar light

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I got the solar walk way lights at the 99 cent store. You only need two things: 1 solar walkway light 1 pint canning jar, with regular sizes lid (Not wide mouth lid)

Take apart the solar light, it just twists off the clear base.

See... Easy! Now get your jar,

take lid off...

insert the solar light.

Mine fit just perfect. (If yours has "wiggle" room, use a bit of silicone caulking to make it secure.) Now put the lid back on the jar, charge it up all day in the sun.

Enjoy tonight!

Thank you all for your likes, views and input! I love how people are running with this little how to and doing their own thing! if anyone does some kind of variations I hope you will post it!

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