How to create an interactive quilt label

How to create an interactive quilt label

This is what a brand new StoryPatches label package looks like on the store shelves.

Open the package and follow the directions to either iron or sew on your label. I chose the iron on label.

Download the free app to your smart device. This is a view of my iPhone.

Now it is all about following the prompts. This one tells us to scan the label.

The code is in the process of being scanned.

The next prompt asks us to select either audio, video or to upload a photo or text message.

I selected audio. The next step is to choose either something you have pre-recorded and stored in your library at or to launch the recorder on your smart device. You are now ready to record.

Make a plan or just speak from your heart. Tap record and start talking.

No worries as you can always start over. Once you are completely happy type in a caption and hit save.

You did it!

How fun and easy was that?

Watch the video: Making Fabric Quilt Labels (December 2021).