How to cook a piñata cake

How to cook a piñata cake

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ingredients needed for stage 1

Measure out the ingredients accurately

Pop in a food processor or mix with a hand blender in a bowl

put into two tins and back for 20-25 minutes

Whilst in the oven get ingredients ready for the butter icing

Take cakes out of oven when sponge springs back into place when slightly pushed

Carefully remove the sponge from the tins

in both of the sponges cut away small little holes (be careful not to go right through the cake)

Sieve the icing sugar

And blend with the butter gradually

put the butter icing around the edge of the hole in the middle

Fill the centre with all your goodies!!!!

Place the other sponge on top and press slightly

Put more butter icing on the top and then separate the last bit of butter icing into two so it can be coloured

pink and green icing :) piped on

All ready waiting to be cut open for a sweet surprise!!!

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