How to make a spicy tofu soup (soon-doo-boo)

How to make a spicy tofu soup (soon-doo-boo)

When you visit the nearest Korean or Asian market, you could easily find the PulMooWon brand extra soft tofu and broth seasoning. I use it because it contains no artificial preservatives and no MSG

These are all the ingredients. All finely chopped and prepared.

Boil the water. Put in to fill 1/2 of the regular size pot. This will serve about 2-3 people. I put pre-packed anchovie broth pack to make that seafood, hearty broth

Once water starts to boil, I take out the anchovie pack first and add two packs of spicy seasoning. Then put in all the ingredients except for tofu and green scallion. Boil for about 2-3minutes

This is the tofu you will use. All natural extra soft tofu.

So add in the soft tofu and green scallion. Boil in medium to high heat for about 4-5 minutes until the tofus rise up

Add in the hot seasoning oil and boil for extra minute or two

Ta-da! This spicy and hearty dish is all done. That was really quick and easy. Wasn't it? ;)

When I was young, my mom used to always cook this dish for me when I was extra tired or having some cold symptoms. It usually took care of my sore throat right away. Lol!! Enjoy!! :)

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