How to knit a bow tie collar for your cat

How to knit a bow tie collar for your cat

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Get all of your knitting supplies ready

Cast on ten stitches

Knit rows 1-6

On row 7 knit first two stitches together to decrease. Knit the rest of the stitches on row 7, you should now have 9 stitches. Knit row 8

On row 9 knit your first 2 stitches together, the same on row 7. Then knit the next row. Continue this pattern until you have 5 stitches left on your needle

It should look something like this :)

Knit the first stitch and bind off the next three to make a hole for the other end to go through (knit two stitches and pull the first over the second on your right needle)

It should look like this.

Knit one, make three stitches by looping the needle with your yarn to make 5 stitches on your needle

Knit until your work fits around your cats neck comfortably

To start increasing your stitches to make the other side of the bow knit normally, then with the same stitch knit from the back to make an extra stitch.

Knit the next row normally, then every second row do the same technique until you are back at 10 stitches

Knit six rows and then cast off when you are finished :)

I knit a small loop and sewed It to make it look more like a bow tie

Put it on your cat. Now he is ready for a formal event ;D

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