How to make rasmalai

How to make rasmalai

Depending on how much you are going to make you will need allot of milk for both ras and malai

I will start with the milk sauce I suggest starting with this cause it needs to a little thick for the balls and takes 1 1/2 hour for good results

In a pan add regular milk and heavy cream milk also add sugar, cardamom and pinch of saffron add according to your taste I have not put how much cause it depends how many people your feeding

Heat your milk at low temp turning with a spoon every 20-30 mins you will see it thickening while it's cooking we will start the balls

Now for the balls

In another pan put regular milk you will need allot and put on high heat to boil

Then add 1 tsp lemon and while it's on stove you will see the milk curdle now remove from stove

Strain it in a cloth like this

You see all the water you don't want to press it to much it will be hot so be careful

Now remove it in a bowl

Will look crumbly and we now need to massage it for 15-20 min until it's soft and comes together

Will look like this

Now form the balls like this I only made five for a family of two

In a pot boil water

Then put your balls right into the water and close lid for 4 mins flip them Then cook for another 4 mins remove them from water and while your other milk is still thickening put them in that milk

Let it boil for 5 mins remove in a container and let it cool before putting in fridge in 30 mins you should be able to eat it and the milk will thicken more as it sets in fridge

Will look like this yumm yumm ask any questions this is the actual way to do it , it's very tasty and soft love, like follow my other recipes ️️️️

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