How to make applecake without milk

How to make applecake without milk

Cut your apples in to slices like this.

Put your appleslices in a plasticbag, and add sugar and cinamon. MIX!

Turn your oven to 180 degrees celsius.

Mix room tempurated butter and sugar so it turns white and fluffy.

Add one egg at the time and mix well between every egg.

Take flour and baking powder➡️ mix

Butter your cake pan. Take a little bit of your cakemix and take it in the bottom of the cake pan. Take some vanilla cream and take it over the cakemix. Cover the vanilla cream whith cake mix.

Add your apples and top it whith pearl sugar. Take it in your oven and wait for 50 minutes. If the cake get brown before it is done take some baking paper over it.

If you want a cool cake, you can take some paper and cut it in any shape you want, wet it and place it on the cake. So now you wanna take powdered sugar and sprinkle it over, now take of the shape.

Here is the finished product, this is very good and dosent take too much time to make. ENJOY!

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