How to make easy vanilla rose macarons

How to make easy vanilla rose macarons

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Preheat oven to 190 degrees Celsius.

Separate the eggs and discard the yolk to get whites at room temp.

Sift the ground almond and icing sugar together 2-3 times.

Whisk the egg whites until they appear foamy.

Add a pinch of cream of tartar and beat on a medium-high speed until soft peaks form.

Reduce the speed while adding the caster sugar in increments. When all is added, increase the speed until stiff peaks form.

Sift the almond mixture over the egg mixture.

Fold using a rubber spatula until mixture is just combined.

Dip the end of the spatula in the food colouring and continue folding the mixture. Repeat this until desired colour is achieved.

Place a snap-lock bag inside of a cup. This makes it a lot easier to spoon the mixture into it.

Cut the corner off of the bag and pipe the mixture onto a lined baking tray. (Try and make the circles the same size as it is easier to sandwich them later.)

Once they have all been piped, let the tray sit for 15 minutes to form the crust.

While they are sitting, cream the butter and icing sugar until the colour changes from a yellow to a near white. (I use salted butter because the taste is better, but you can use unsalted if you like)

Add vanilla essence and rose water if available to the filling mixture until flavour is to your liking. Beat until combined.

Just before placing the Macarons in the oven, decrease the temperature to 160. Bake for 10-15 minutes until the shell is hard. Let shells sit for 5 minutes to cool.

When preparing second batch, change temperature back to 190. When ready to put second batch in oven, decrease temperature again to 160.

Pipe the mixture into the middle of half of the shells, then sandwich the remaining on top.

There you have it, perfect Macarons every time!

Watch the video: make perfect macarons with hand mixer macaronage (July 2022).


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