How to make fresh naan eggless very yummy

How to make fresh naan eggless very yummy

In a bowl get 1 cup Luke warm water then add yeast 1 tsp or 1 packet am using active yeast. Then add 1/2 tsp sugar this will help to activate the yeast. Cover 10 mins

Then add ghee am using 2 tbs if you don't have ghee then use oil. But ghee will keep your naan moist

Mix it all

In another bowl get your 2 cups all purpose flour and a pinch of salt

Then pour the wet mixture into the flour

Mix away am using a spoon cause it's very sticky

Then add 2 tbs yogurt and keep mixing

It's going to look like this very sticky

Then cover for about 30 mins

In another bowl add olive oil, crushed garlic and cilantro this is optional if your like me and like your naan tasty you can also eat them plain

Put oil on both hands

Then dust all purpose flour over the balls it's very sticky this is the hard part grab the ball

Then quickly put in a bowl of flour

Now put more dusting on the dish your going to roll I actually used my hands

I kept pressing edges to make a circle

Then fold it in half make sure you got plenty of dusting

Then another half so it's almost like a triangle use your hands to make a triangle like indian restaurant style

Like so

Pre heat your oven to 500 and put your pizza stone in the oven also

So I ended up making four and now put your cilantro olive on your naan , if you want it simple then leave it plain

Quickly put your naan on the pizza stone you don't have to be perfect as you can see Lolz let it cook for 7-8 mins

Bubbling away

Now to get that nice brown marking like restaurant style when your naan looks done you put your oven to broil

When it's on broil you need to keep an eye on it other wise you will have a burnt naan

So it will look like this nice and crispy

Enjoy leave any comments and check out my other recipes :)

Yummy although this is a messy recipe and hard to work with it's always nice to have hot naan at home

When you break it you will see the layers it's so soft and yummy def worth the mess

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