How to create an m&m necklace

How to create an m&m necklace

Gather supplies needed: ball of clay, nail polish, m stamp, eye pin, jump ring, acrylic paint (white), & m&m's for reference (and to eat!)

Take a pinch of polymer clay & roll it into a ball, it will be pretty small. Use m&m for reference.

Squish the ball of clay down to resemble the m&m. :)

Cut the eye pin a bit shorter than the m&m and curve slightly so it will stay in the clay. Push it in the clay, then stamp it with the m. I bought my m stamp in a set of lowercase alphabet stamps.

I did different colors. ;)

Bake them in the oven @ 275 for 30min. They should be hot! Let them cool, they are hard and pretty unbreakable.

I picked colors of nail polish to glaze the m's with that match the clay color. It will make them very shiny.

Glaze the m's one side at a time & let them dry. They are very shiny!

Carefully paint the m in white with a toothpick or thin brush. If you make a mistake just wipe with a paper towel & start again.

Let dry good before sealing or it will streak. :(

Seal each side with mod podge gloss. Let dry good.

Very shiny! :)

Add a jump ring so you can wear on a necklace chain. ;) I switch mine out to match my outfit.

Finished product is so fun and cute you'll want to make some for all your friends. ;) thanks for reading my guide! <3

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